Why work with Fraser & Company?

There are many reasons to work with a Chartered Accountant, and there are many CAs and Firms you could choose to work with.

Here are some reasons why we think you should consider Fraser & Company Chartered Accountants:

1. We are here for you.

We love what we do, and that's why we bring passion to our work and working relationships. But make no mistake, we're here for one reason – Our Clients. We make ourselves completely available to our clients - as business advisors, consultants, confidants. We put our clients and their interests first.

2. We are experienced.

We've learned by doing, and gained experience the old fashioned way. Collectively, the principals of howatt group have over half a century of experience as CAs in public practice. They are backed up by a knowledgeable and seasoned team with diverse specialties and areas of focus. There's great value in experience, and we bring it to the table.

3. We will listen.

Since our ultimate goal is to help you and your business reach its goals, we like to listen to what our clients have to say. Listening is something we're good at, and it helps us to better understand where you've been, where you are, and where you want to go. After listening, we'll chart the best course to make sure your goals are accomplished.

4. We build relationships.

It may seem strange to think of an accounting firm as builders, but building relationships is one of the core values of Fraser & Company. Through our experience and acquired expertise, we know that the best way to help your business is to know your business. That's not something that happens overnight, and it's not something that can be learned in a book. It takes time to build trust, and that's the best foundation to start a long term relationship.

5. We are traditionally innovative.

The CA designation represents what some would call traditional values: honesty, integrity and superior service. We agree, and fully embrace these values. But we also know that there is so much more to Chartered Accounting than spreadsheets, financial reports and audits. We are not afraid to innovate, and to be innovative with and on behalf of our clients.

  • We see changing technology - not as a necessary burden - but as an opportunity for You to accomplish more, create more, sell more.
  • We see our changing national borders – not as restrictive – but as a new challenge in Your desire to be more global.
  • We see overwhelming options for communications – and cut through the clutter - so Your organization can choose the best tools to be more productive, or less wasteful.
  • We have embraced the concept of a digital office – significantly reducing our own level of paper consumption – and we (and our clients) have benefited from the natural efficiencies that come from implementing such practices.
  • We also know that if everyone made a small change to make the world a better place, there'd be some big changes going on.