Business Advisory Services

Strategic and Business Planning

Many businesses operate without a strategic plan in place. Sadly, these are often the organizations that push statistics of business failure so high. A comprehensive and well considered plan won't guarantee success, but it will put you on the right path with the right tools.

Strategic business planning with the guidance of a Chartered Accountant will bring numerous benefits and affect positive change throughout an entire organization. A CA can help to sharpen the focus of a business and shape its internal framework, processes and procedures.

A key component to strategic planning is the direction it provides for setting achievable and measurable corporate goals. An important aspect of our work as CAs is to analyze and examine corporate history, successes and failures, and industry trends, past, present and future. In addition to strategic and business planning, we also offer cost-benefit analysis and economic impact assessments.

Accounting Services

The cost of not keeping corporate financial records and accounts up to date and in order can far outweigh the expenses of a Chartered Accountant. You can feel confident in the professionalism and expertise a CA possesses, as well as the objective and critical eye.

Employing the services of Fraser & Company Chartered Accountants is a practical alternative to hiring an in-house staff with the necessary training and experience. We can also serve as an independent source for verification and assurance, and handle payroll preparation.